Anil Joshi

Managing Partner, Unicorn India Ventures

Anil is the Managing Partner at Unicorn India Ventures, an SEBI approved venture fund under AIF-I Category. The investment thesis of the Fund is to invest in incubation stage, accelerator stage, seed stage, start-up stage, early stage and growth stage companies in India with focus on Social Media, Mobile, Analytics & Cloud (SMAC), IOT and Fintech.

Prior to setting up the Fund, he was heading operations at Mumbai Angels and Bangalore Angels, leading Angel Investment forums in India as President.

After heading a branch office at Century Rayon, a B.K. Birla Group Company, he moved to Business Access India Pvt. Ltd. providing consulting services to Scandinavian companies from diverse sectors establishing their presence in the Asian markets. Then moved to Transasia Biomedical Ltd., India’s largest manufacturer and exporter of bio-medical equipment. Prior to joining Mumbai Angels, he headed new projects and made investments in start-ups with Artheon Group, a Telecom, IT & Energy group.

He is a regular speaker at both domestic and International circuit on startups and early stage investment.