Phanimohan Venkata Kalagara

Sr. Vice President, Flipkart

Phanimohan Kalagara is the SVP of Engineering & Product at Flipkart (Walmart group company).

He leads the Selection and Supply Ecosystem charter for Flipkart. He has brought in transformational energy across the pivots of people, technology and products. He has been instrumental in bringing in structural changes to realize better organizational agility, higher quality; deep and renewed focus on technology. He has steered major product releases across Marketplaces, Retail and Pricing & Promotions and has been a key driver for 2GuD go to market. He has played a pivotal role in assimilating Upstream Commerce into the Flipkart fold.

Phani is a people-centric leader and has worked relentlessly towards establishing the right talent management principles. He looks for opportunities to break the mold and remain persistent, his inspired leadership has infused the journey of good to great with energy, passion, commitment to take Flipkart to greater success.

Phani has over 20 years of rich global experience and has been in several leadership roles. Prior to Flipkart, Phani was Senior Director of Product & Engineering at Paypal where he was responsible for managing Payment Products engineering organization and product portfolio of billing & subscription products.

In addition, he has served in senior management position at Advanced Interactive Systems where he led multiple critical projects including Fire Inspection Trainer, Scenario Based Interactive Exercise Simulator, and Soldier Visualization System.

He is an Engineer by training and comes with MS from Utah State University.