Ranodeep Saha

Co-Founder, Rare Planet

Ranodeep Saha, CEO and Founder of Rare Planet is an undergrad student pursuing engineering in IIIT, Kolkata. He is working for Telegraph and also is a CAC member of Mozilla Firefox. Saha has two more ventures other than Rare Planet, one supported by TEQIP II of World Bank and the government. In World Bank project, he is creating heart attack alarms, supported by three doctors and two data scientists. Also, he has been interviewed by 21 newspapers and magazines.

Rare Planet started with just an online site and grew big in 1 year and 8 months. They have their own retail counter in Parkstreet and Elgin Road, Kolkata. They create innovative handicraft products. They combine with village people and create world class products from local products. The best part about these handicrafts are that these products are modern with a tinch of traditional look which are worth appreciable.